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Q+A with Log Rap

Meet the man behind the lens. We've been fans of cult surf filmmaker Ryan Cannon better known as Log Rap (@lograp) for a while and dig his fresh take on surfing. He's developed a signature style and core following with his combination of single fin sliding and rap music. Check out his recent video "High Potency Vibes" featuring HippyTree sliders Alek Rockrise & Josh Seemann and read a short Q+A with Ryan below.

Where are you from?
Long Island, NY

How'd you get into filming and editing?
Got into filming 10 years ago making snowboard edits with my friends.

What do you shoot with?
Usually the trusty GH5.

What's up with all the rap music?
Always been a fan of rap music and knew other longboarders who were fans of the genre as well. I just wanted to create a platform to promote the new generation of single fin longboarders and I felt like rap music would help make it stand out and feel new, not "retro”.

Who are some of your favorite surfers to film?
Love filming with Alek Rockrise, Josh Seemann, Honolua Blomfield, Kelis Kaleopa'a, David Agranda, Kai Takayama, Kevin Skvarna, and Tosh Tudor to name a few. All of those guys and gals are just so consistent they can get a banger clip even when the waves aren't ideal. Makes things too easy.

Top 5 artists/musicians?
Top 5 is really hard because it's always changing but right now: Gang Starr, Too $hort, Cam'ron, Project Pat, and Chief Keef.

How do you feel about this little cult following you've created by combining rap music and logging?
It's been crazy to see how much the page has grown since it started. I really didn't expect it to get this big because I thought most surfers would hate it, but it's been cool to see people have an open mind. I want to keep focusing on promoting the new generation of shredders who aren't getting the recognition they deserve while also showing some love to the OG’s who paved the way. The rap music is just my little way of making it feel fresh and new. 

Do you travel or stay local? Any upcoming travel plans?
I enjoy traveling a lot and can't wait to get back out there. For now, we're chilling in the US.

3 surf videos that have inspired you?
Three videos that have inspired me: Another State of Mind, Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables, Paradigm Shift.