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#52weeksofnature Photo Contest Week 16 Winner

The winner of Week 16 of our #52weeksofnature photo contest is Brandon Noel (@goinleftguru). If you're willing to sacrifice a little bit of sleep and comfort, you can still score some of the most popular sights on earth to yourself. Brandon has won $150 and is getting his winning image printed on a HippyTree t-shirt. Explore the Nature Photography Collective section on our site to view t-shirts of past winners.

Where was the image shot?
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

What camera did you use and what were the settings?
Camera: Sony a7R II
Lens: Sony 24-70mm
Shutter Speed: 1/125
Aperture: f/11
ISO: 200

Was there any special preparation required to capture the photo?
I slept in the rental ride a few hundred yards from the Grand Canyon’s south rim. This photo was made amidst a very solo sunrise session. I went from being surrounded by hundreds of people in Page to being alone on the edge of the earth.

How long have you been shooting?
I have been behind a camera of some sort forever.  I got bit by the traveling photog bug in 2007 when I journeyed to the Bahamas with a stamp-less passport and a Panasonic point-and-shoot.

What's your favorite subject matter to shoot?
I love still shots in the wild and look forward to using my athletic background for some sports related goodies. A drone and water housing are atop the list for varying types of water shots.

Where would be your dream location to take photos?
I look forward to getting to shoot aqua shots a la Tahiti one day.  But landscape photography in Patagonia might be calling first!

Who are some photographers that inspire you?
I love classics like Ansel Adams and newer stunners like Clark Little. Vicarious expeditions are achieved via adventurers like Justin Kauffman.

What excites you about photography?
The most exciting thing about photography, by far, is its ability to inspire, invigorate, and uplift others. “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and you.” ~Ansel Adams