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#52weeksofnature Photo Contest Week 1 Winner

The winner of Week 1 of our #52weeksofnature photo contest is Ashley Stidham ( We're stoked to be kicking off our 2021 photo contest with a classic sunrise shot from one of our favorite national parks. Explore the #52weeksofnature Product Section on our site to shop styles from past winners.

Where was the image shot?
Joshua Tree National Park, CA

What camera did you use and what were the settings?
Camera: Nikon D7500
Lens: Nikon 18-200mm
Shutter Speed: 2 sec
Aperture: f22
ISO: 100

Was there any special preparation required to capture the photo?
Nothing past looking up the sunrise time and then negotiating with my mom to watch my kids. I came into the park after moonset to get some night shots and stayed to enjoy the sunrise. I was rewarded with this gorgeous sky!

How long have you been shooting?
I have always taken pictures but I got serious about learning photography about 8 years ago.

What's your favorite subject matter to shoot?
Is it too broad to say the outdoors? There is truly magic in every scene and I enjoy trying to find my version of it.

Where would be your dream location to take photos?

Who are some photographers that inspire you?
The list is long but Patricia Davidson and Kristen Ryan are 2 photographers that really inspire me. Also my adventure partner, Valerie Rondone, has taught me so much and is always pushing me to learn even more.

What excites you about photography?
Being out in nature and exploring new places is the most exciting part of photography! It is incredible that we can capture these unbelievable moments and they will last forever.