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Travis Burke

Nickname: T-Bone

Currently living: In a van

Local surf spot: Oceanside

What kind of car do you drive: ’94 Dodge Ram Van

Best place you’ve surfed: The Ranch

Do you believe in aliens: I’m sure some form of life exists out there

Favorite Mexican restaurant: My girlfriend makes a pretty mean tostada

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given: On the back cover of a skateboard magazine about 12 years ago I read, "Don't die wondering."

What word or phrase do you use most often: Rad

How many hours do you sleep a night: Somewhere around 7 hours

What do you have in your refrigerator right now: Yogurt, sandwich meat, milk, string cheese and a couple of beers

How many shakas do you throw a week: Not as many as I’d like

Ping pong or pool: I keep a ping pong paddle in my van if that means anything

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