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Kyle Brown

Nickname: Samurai

Currently living: Manhattan Beach, California

Local surf spot: Rosecrans

What kind of car do you drive: I drive a Honda Accord

Best place you've surfed: There are so many places with good waves but my favorite spot would have to be Lower Trestles

Do you believe in aliens: I think it’s weird to believe there aren't aliens. We are still discovering new creatures in our own oceans… just imagine how many creatures there are in the entire universe

Favorite Mexican restaurant: Chipotle

What's the best advice you've ever been given: Live every moment in that moment. It's hard to do but it makes life a whole lot better

What word or phrase do you use most often: YEW

If you could live anywhere where would it be: I love where I live right now… if I had one wish though it would be to make the waves better

How much cash do you usually carry: I don't carry any bills smaller than 100’s… just kidding, I hardly have any cash

How many hours do you sleep a night: I try and get a solid 8 hours a night but that excludes weekends

What do you have in your refrigerator right now: There is always a lot of food in my fridge but I can never find something I want to eat

Ping Pong or Pool: Both, I log a lot of ping pong and pool on surf trips

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