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Jason Napolitano

Nickname: Manpaji, Happy, Nappy, Haole, Chimp, Sabertooth, Bert, Art, the list goes on...

Currently living: In a van down by the ocean or sometimes parked outside of Sweeney's

Local surf spot: Hard to say, I'd have to go with wherever my friends are

What kind of car do you drive: '79 VW bus

Best place you've surfed: Fiji

Do you believe in aliens: I believe there's organic life somewhere out there

Favorite Mexican restaurant: Los Mejores Tacos de Puebla

What's the best advice you've ever been given: Listen, and speak when spoken to

What word or phrase do you use most often: I'll have a beer

If you could live anywhere where would it be: Right where I am

How much cash do you usually carry: Enough for a round of beers

How many hours do you sleep a night: I'm not a morning person

What do you have in your refrigerator right now: No clue

Ping pong or pool: I'll have a better chance at pool

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