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15 YEARS OF HIPPYTREE, 1 of 15 // Original HippyTree HQ

The original stomping grounds for HippyTree in the mid 2000's weren’t your typical headquarters. It was more of an artist compound meets surf shack. The house was located south of the Hermosa pier and 5 blocks up from the beach. It was an old rickety wooden place built on 2 lots with 3 garages. The house had 4 bedrooms, but there were always at least half a dozen people living there.

We were always surfing and had a ride anything mentality. South side of the pier was our spot and whether it was knee high peelers or head high closeouts we’d always be running down the hill with a quiver of longboards and twin fins. We were heavily influenced by surf and rock climbing. We even built a janky climbing wall in the backyard.

Fueled by the occasional use of mind-expanding substances we turned old pallets, pieces of wooden fence and other junk into an outdoor art gallery. Our friends would come over and we’d collaborate on murals and art projects. Whether we were painting surfboards or discarded appliances the house became ground zero for a collective of artists. This collective is what sparked the framework for HippyTree.

Our founder Andrew’s (@surfandstone) nickname was “Hippy” and he created the original HippyTree logo. Andrew was the original tenant at the house along with a revolving door of roommates. A close roommate was Andrew’s childhood friend Josh (@tacosdepescado), who went on to become his main business partner in HippyTree and still is to this day.

Back then the focus really wasn’t on selling product. Most of the product was handmade by stenciling our logo on hats and t-shirts. If anything, we were trying to be as anti-brand and anti-corporate as possible. The house had a good run and served as a memorable stomping grounds. Unfortunately the landlord passed away and the home was sold to developers. They tore it down in 2006 and HippyTree had to relocate. We’ll save the history of HippyTree HQ #2 for next time.